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    This is beautiful and I am so very happy for you both! My husband Magnus and I are both widowed, in fact I met him in the Widowed Village group chat and we attended his first and my second Camp Widow together as a new couple in San Diego in June 2013. I can so relate to wanting to share your happiness with Drew. I often wish that Jason and Magnus had been able to know each other which is of course an impossibility. Had Jason and Laura lived we would never have met. It is such a crazy thing to know that your joy was possible only because of the loss of two wonderful souls that will forever be missed. I left our wedding reception and ran to the bathroom in tears over my son dancing the ‘gangnam style’ dance and me realizing that I just wanted Jason to be there (at my wedding) so very badly to see that and everything else. It’s a wonderful thing that a beautiful love like ours can come after such personal devastation. I am so glad for you both that you have found each other and that everything is falling into place with Drew’s (your) family as well. Much love!