Death Becomes Me

I never would have pictured myself being so ecstatic and thrilled and jazzed up to talk about death and loss and grief. I never would have thought my heart would beat faster at the thought of making another widowed person laugh at something dark, through their tears. I never saw it coming that my life would consist of comforting people and listening to people as they walk through this narrow and confusing unlit pathway called grief. 

But here I am, ecstatic. 

Here I sit, heart beating ... 

Here I wait, to by that listening ear 

for the next person in pain. 

I like telling someone who is sitting in the darkness,

that it may be awhile longer, 

but they WILL feel better and

they WILL want to live again, 

even thrive again. 

They may even love again. 

Either way,

life will be something they once again



This is my favorite thing, 

seeing someone emerge out of that darkness

and find pieces of hope to hang onto. 


What a beautiful reason to wake up in the morning.

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  • Annie McDonnell
    commented 2019-11-16 12:52:21 -0800
    Hi Kelly I want to thank you for having the bravery and sight to start this blog, this community. I only found it recently but it is helping. Although i have been a widow for 4 years now, i am currently going through a rough patch with lonliness and empitness. I don’t really have any family but i do have wonderful friends, but they spend a lot of their time with their families which leaves me here, alone. I have been struggling in this darkness, but now when i feel bad i go straight to this web site to read the stories of others like me and it helps me feel less isolated and forgotten. So a huge thank you to you, and a hug to all the other widows/widowers out there.
  • Bonnie Rozean
    commented 2019-11-15 21:04:08 -0800
    Thank you Kelly. Yes I am starting to think it might be ok to live and maybe just maybe better than ok
    And I am grateful for these brief reprieves from living in the land of the dead.