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    Tracy Andrews, I would love to respond to your RSVP but unfortunately the email address provided here bounces back. I have attemped to reach you via Facebook Messenger as well. Please contact me at if you are still interested in attending our local Temecula events.

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    Beautiful post and sentiment. This song was the final song in my husband’s memorial service. His picture was there smiling at me as the final chords in this song played. Everytime I am struggling with grief, with parenting, with finances, with anything, I just sing “let it be” to myself and it relaxes me. Nine times out of ten the problem resolves itself by just letting it be and giving it time. And if it can’t be resolved, then I just have to let it be anyway because I have no control over it, just as you had no control over Megan’s illness and passing. Thank you for writing such beautiful words about a beautiful and timeless song creation.

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    From the first post I read of yours (the one about This is Spinal Tap), I thought “this is a person who GETS the relationship that Darren and I had because they sound just like us!” I realized then that no one else would fully understand my depth of loss over the loss of his daily dose of humor in my life. This is just one more piece of evidence. Darren wrote a Christmas letter parody every year that we sent out. They were hysterical. We got all the same reactions. People either looked forward to them every year and laughed hysterically or they made snide comments like “someone has TOO much time on his hands”. We laughed even harder at those comments because we knew those people were so sad, with no senses of humor. When he died, I could not continue the parody letters. I am gifted with a fine appreciation of humor and sarcasm, but not gifted like he was (or you are Kelley Lynn) with writing the humor myself. The number of Christmas cards I get has dwindled now, in part because I think people sent us cards just to make sure they were able to receive Darren’s parody letter. I didn’t want to disappoint by even trying, so after he died I just sent a picture card with a sentiment of good wishes or two. It is funny that nowadays people tend to send either the “stuff in an envelope pre-printed photo card” with no personal words or signature, OR they send the long newsy newsletter. There is no in-between medium. Impersonal or SO personal!! Anyway, thanks for writing this. It took me down memory lane in a good way remembering his parody Christmas letters. If I can find any of them next week, I will send you a copy of one them!! Thanks Kelley!

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    I am glad you are still writing. We have many life and emotion parallels as I am also widowed about 3 1/2 years. I always nod my head when I read your entries as if Iam talking to you and agreeing with you. Thank you for still writing.

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    I listened. I love you. I love your words. My husband was just like Don in so many ways and in times like these I really miss his voice of reason and sanity too.

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    Here with you. Right here. Right now.

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    “What has happened, and is happening, is that I am slowly learning how to rebuild a life for myself, around the grief. It’s like a never-ending math equation where there are no subtractions, only addition. Adding joy or love or new memories or new friends or anything, does not nor will it EVER subtract or erase my husband out of my life. He remains a part of everything that I experience, going forward. Always. And while I have learned to love my life again, I still simultaneously hold a piece of my soul that is reserved for longing for that other life – the one I never got to live with him.” 
    BEST QUOTE EVER. I have been trying to explain this to a few people in my life and don’t ever feel I can get it across correctly. A new friend, a new love, a new house does not replace or ERASE. It adds to my life but my husband is never erased from it. Sometimes it is hard to integrate those two lives. But this quote here Kelley helps me so much. I hope I can use this quote sometime to help me “explain” this to some Muggles (non widows) in my life. I will always credit you as the writer if I do and if you give me permission.

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    This is always my “therapy” too. Get away from it all and “get earthed”. I loved how you wrote about the golden leaves tilting in the sun. I always stare up into the sky through those glittering leaves and imagine his energy finding its way through those leaves to me.