But To

07_30_11.jpg"He'd want you to keep on living." "He'd want you to be happy."

Oh, how those remarks we're scalpels to my ears when Michael first died. But, they kept coming, mouth after mouth, stranger after family member.

But to live is to do something he can no longer do?!"

"But to be happy is to make the world believe our love no longer runs through my veins?!"

I remember those being my silent responses heard only in my brain.

4 years later and I see that my thoughts were the complete opposite. Time wiped away the preconceived notions built up in my broken mind and heart.

I'm alive. I'm happy. I've learned. I've created my rules.

But to live is to do something he would do anything to do once more, and I shall fulfill that for him.

But to be happy is to show the world just how deeply our eternal love continues to run through my veins.

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