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When I was at my rock bottom, I found hope again through attending one of SSI's programs called Camp Widow. It literally saved my life because for the 1st time in 2 years, I was able to take suicide off the list of options for how I would deal with the intense pain from grief.

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    Soaring Spirits provides innovative programs, such as Camp Widow®, Widowed Village, the Newly Widowed Packet Program, Widowed Pen Pal, and the You are Not Alone Outreach. These unique resources have been lifelines, if not live-saving, for widowed men and women trying to rebuild their lives post-loss. 

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    Whether you are one of our many alumni who have experienced and benefited from Soaring Spirits’ programs, a family member who’s witnessed a life reclaimed because of our intervention, or a community supporter who wants to reach out to neighbors in need, your contribution will ensure that our inclusive programs continue to thrive and provide
    resources, community and hope to any widowed person in need.


    The mission of Soaring Spirits is to help widowed people find hope, and to find each other.

    We connect and support over three million widowed people in communities across the United States, and around the world; and in eight short years, have become the worldwide leader in providing grief-recovery resources for the widowed.

    Because we LOVE our donors, giving comes with perks!

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    Your membership will help sustain the programs of Soaring Spirits and ensure that men and women who are widowed tomorrow will have a community of support available to them from the first moment of their widowhood, and for years to come. Thank you. 

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    It’s all going to be ok! You just be you. You get to feel everything you need to…you don’t need to be anything for anybody else. It’s totally on to need to be held, comforted, protected. It’s OK to want a pair of loving arms to hold you gently while you cry. All of tbis…’s OK! Pouring out tons iof love your way! I hope you can feel all the love we are all sending you! (((((Hugs)))))

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    You Are Not Alone Cards

    You Are Not Alone Cards

    You are Not Alone cards are designed to connect a widowed person with the Soaring Spirits community, and introduce them to our programs. The inside of the card includes a space for you to share your own contact information with the person who is receiving the outreach card.

    You are Not Alone cards come in packs of five, and can be ordered in batches of up to ten. If you’d like to arrange a bulk order of You are Not Alone cards, please contact our team and we will be happy to assist.

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