Rebecca Collins

"In the days following my husband's unexpected suicide, I turned to the internet for information and support - and found Soaring Spirits.  At 33, I didn't know anyone who had lost a spouse or anyone who had died from depression. I couldn't have felt more alone.  

Soaring Spirits gave me a community, some incredible life-long friends, and hope that there would be more to come for me.   The inspirational people whom I met through Widowed Village and Camp Widow helped me find my way through the most difficult time of my life.

Today, I chose to focus on how lucky I am to have met Daniel and to feel grateful for the lessons he taught me and the blessings he brought to my life.  I am determined to live a happy life, in honor of the dreams we had together. 

I also feel grateful to be able to pass on that same hope to those who are facing their own tragic loss, through the Soaring Spirits community."  

Rebecca wed her darling Daniel in 2013, after a wonderful 18-months together. However, only six weeks after their wedding, Daniel died unexpectedly from depression. Widowed as a newlywed at 33, Rebecca re-built her life with help from Soaring Spirits
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