Rebecca Collins

"In the days following my husband's unexpected suicide, I turned to the internet for information and support - and found Soaring Spirits.  At 33, I didn't know anyone who had lost a spouse or anyone who had died from depression. I couldn't have felt more alone.  

Soaring Spirits gave me a community, some incredible life-long friends, and hope that there would be more to come for me.   The inspirational people whom I met through Widowed Village and Camp Widow helped me find my way through the most difficult time of my life.

Today, I chose to focus on how lucky I am to have met Daniel and to feel grateful for the lessons he taught me and the blessings he brought to my life.  I am determined to live a happy life, in honor of the dreams we had together. 

I also feel grateful to be able to pass on that same hope to those who are facing their own tragic loss, through the Soaring Spirits community."  

  • commented on The Family I Never Knew I Needed 2016-06-05 19:22:19 -0700
    Penny – I hope you do get the chance to go to a Camp Widow, it was a life-changing experience for me. Thank you for your comment, it’s so nice to hear that our writing has helped you. I know Widows Voice is what got me through when my husband died, I would read it every day.

    Kelley Lynn – See you very soon!

  • commented on The Champ 2016-05-05 14:13:40 -0700
    Yep, all of this. This is what I’ve been dealing with for the past year or so. Honey I could swap enough stories with you to fill a full-day ‘My Husband Is Not A Rainbow’ comedy presentation.

    Unfortunately our lucky peers who hit the jackpot straight out of the dating gate can put our expectations right up there but the reality is usually dull and uninspiring.

    Seriously, the shit is unbelievable and of course it hurts but if you can keep your sense of humor at the fore front, you’ll survive it. Let’s swap stories over a few drinks in San Diego in June xoxo

  • commented on The Widow Word 2016-04-09 15:23:59 -0700
    Just letting you know this post has sparked many a wonderful conversation with my widowed friends down here in Australia, thank you xo

  • commented on The Home That Doesn't Quite Fit Anymore 2016-04-09 15:19:17 -0700
    Thank you for the comments ladies, I love logging in and reading messages with your thoughts and feelings. Lisa, how wonderful that he moved right along with you! Bring on the hustle and bustle :)

  • commented on The Remnants of a Life 2016-04-09 15:15:34 -0700
    Thanks Stephanie, it took me a long time to feel ready and I’ve had a couple of false starts (looking at houses, talking to real estate agent and then freaking out and running back into my cave!). It feels right this time though, I feel so ready and really excited about this next step. Good luck with your negotiations

  • commented on Back to Start 2016-04-09 03:03:48 -0700
    Big hugs lovely. I’m sorry you’re hurting. I think you’re wonderful and brave and amazing and I’m really freaking sorry you’re hurting. xoxo

  • commented on Wear Your Damn Watch! 2016-03-20 15:30:22 -0700
    Tara is an absolute champion, I met her at Camp Widow East last year and she told me this story over the banquet dinner and showed me the watch. I loved meeting her and am glad you’re sharing this with a wider audience!

  • commented on Ready to Step Up 2016-03-20 15:26:49 -0700
    Thanks for your comment Lisa, it means so much when people take the time to let us know that they’ve read and it’s meant something to them. I feel like it’s taking so much energy to find a drive to push forward when it would be so easy to stay comfortable in the little cocoon that I’ve built for myself. I hope you find a path for yourself that is rewarding and makes things easier after June.

  • commented on Robbed of his 37th Birthday 2016-03-11 05:27:34 -0800
    Nonna, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Lisa – I’m so sorry for your loss. Ours is a very complicated grief and the expectations of others only make it even more so.

  • commented on "The Change"... Not "The End" 2016-02-13 05:44:33 -0800
    Thank you for sharing, this really resonated with something I’m going through right now. I love your love story :)

  • commented on Olive Juice 2016-02-13 05:41:18 -0800
    Well now I have tears all over my damn keyboard!! How beautiful :)

  • commented on Realities of Dating after Death 2016-02-05 21:07:41 -0800
    I really admire how you share yourself so openly here Sarah. Thank you for being so honest and giving hope to those of us who worry about how widowhood will come in to play in future relationships.

  • commented on Writers Block 2016-02-05 21:05:52 -0800
    This really resonated with me Mike! I take my commitment to Widows Voice seriously and sometimes feel a bit of pressure on a Saturday when I sit down to write and find that I don’t really have anything bursting to come out. A bit like today actually! While it’s good to feel like I’m doing ok (and there’s not big grief episode waiting to burst out onto the keyboard) I questions whether I have anything meaningful to contribute or if I’m letting my readers down. It’s great to remember that it’s ok to be doing ok. Oh, and happy anniversary :)

  • commented on Witnessing New Life 2016-01-30 04:47:09 -0800
    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

  • commented on This New to Me Therapy.... 2016-01-30 04:44:59 -0800
    EMDR really helped me process the trauma around my husband’s suicide. I am a huge advocate of the therapy. I hope it helps you x

  • commented on The Lovely Dance of Grief~ 2016-01-30 04:42:40 -0800
    My guilt still pops up and surprises me at the most unexpected times. Thanks for sharing Alison. I hope your therapy helps you, mine changed my life xo

  • commented on A sea of flowers 2016-01-30 04:40:55 -0800
    Thanks for sharing. I am so grateful for that special connection I have with my widowed friends. It’s often the only time I feel like I can take my mask off entirely.

  • commented on Jumble 2016-01-30 04:39:39 -0800
    It still amazes me that so many different emotions – like longing, sadness, happiness and excitement can co-exist within my head at the one time. Even when I’m happy, I’m missing him. Sometimes i wonder if I’ll ever feel just one emotion ever again.

  • commented on Setting my Goal for 2016 2016-01-09 04:39:22 -0800
    Grounded – I like that Sharon! What a brilliant word. Yes, Camp Widow really is amazing, I can’t wait for San Diego in June!

Rebecca wed her darling Daniel in 2013, after a wonderful 18-months together. However, only six weeks after their wedding, Daniel died unexpectedly from depression. Widowed as a newlywed at 33, Rebecca re-built her life with help from Soaring Spirits
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