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    Loved, Missed and Remembered

    TileFix.jpgFor #givingtuesday Soaring Spirits is honoring every donation made in support of our research-based, hopeful programs by creating a custom memory tile as a thank you for every #givingtuesday donation!

    How it works:

    1. Make a donation for #givingtuesday by using the link below.

    2. Forward your donation confirmation to and attach a jpeg or png photo file of the person you’d like to remember. Copy and paste the following information into your email:

      Your name:
      The name of the person you’d like to remember:
      Your relationship to the remembered person:
      Text describing the memory you’d like to include with your photo:

    3. Check any Soaring Spirits social media feed to collect your tile!

      Instagram: @soaringspiritsint
      Twitter: @soaringspirits

    4. Share your photo and tag anyone with whom you’d like to share your memory or any person you’d love to create a memory tile with their own memories either or your loved one or someone else they’d like to honor!

    Soaring Spirits programs have experienced a 30% growth this year and we think this is just the beginning of serving an increasing number of widowed people every year. Your donation of any amount will help us reach our goal of raising $30,000 this year in support of our 30% growth. Every dollar counts and every donation will be honored with a shared memory! What a beautiful way to make a difference as we also honor the endless nature of love.


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    You are loved by so many Alison. In my lonely life without Mike, I feel so unloved…loneliness without my one true love just makes it feel like being unloved. I just hate this feeling.

  • commented on Life as a Hologram~ 2016-06-02 18:47:52 -0700
    Yes a bizzaro world for sure! I can relate to every word you wrote! " I don’t feel of this world but I am of this world" “One of constant change and uncertainty and searching” When I quiet my racing mind, I think is this really my fucking life? How the hell did I get here and what am I suppose to do with this? Love you Alison XOXO

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    Just made a donation to Soaring Spirits International

    One-Time Donation

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  • commented on The Word Widow 2015-11-25 19:22:42 -0800
    I have never minded the word widow as a description of me, only what the reality of the word means if that makes sense. It is a powerful word and one to be proud of because of everything that encompasses a widow/widowers world from the moment that it becomes their label.

  • commented on Be Warned. Capitol Letters Used Frequently~ 2015-11-22 14:50:03 -0800
    LOVE IT and love you too Alison! You are awesome for making it too and helping so many of us who are making it.