And So it Begins~

I've been sewing and gluing all day long.

Tomorrow will be more of the same.

On Thursday I'll run last minute errands and then hitch my rig, PinkMagic, to my pink car.

Very early Friday morning I'll meet my film team and we'll head first to Sedona AZ and then Zion Nat'l Park in Utah.

The time has come, as the walrus said...

This weekend my team and I will be on location, shooting film for my Loveumentary (why call it a documentary, right?).

I met with Emily and Blake last weekend and we went over the shooting schedule and the story board that matches up with it.

It will all be very precise, with a whole lot of flexibiity built into it.

Shit, just reading the schedule and story board was hugely emotional for me.

I expressed concern to them that I desperately want to convey the Love story that drives my Odyssey of Love, and reflect the beauty of the community I've created in these 6.5 years full timing on the road. I want to convey the passion that drives this. The depth of it.

They reassured me that all I have to do is be me. They'll take care of everything else.

This weekend will see me begin filming An Odyssey of Pink.  I first concieved of the idea 2 years ago, but had no idea how to go about doing such an outlandish thing. I knew nobody with the talent/skills/gifts who could translate my story onto the screen.

Until I did. 

And now we're going to film in a place where Chuck and I were on our Happily Homeless travels. 

The only thing I know is what I've always known....that my Odyssey of Love has never been about the grief. It's always been about the Love. Always. 

The Love that Chuck left behind for me, that is the only thing I know to be real in this life without him. 

The Love that I've found out on the road as I've driven around the country in all directions.

The Love from my widowed community, my military community, fellow adventurers, and people I meet along the way.

All of it...all of the Love, is fierce. 

I'm looking forward to the time when I can present An Odyssey of Pink to you, wherever you are. 

Wherever Chuck is, if he is somewhere, I know he's beaming ear to ear. Not surprised in the least at what I've done. What I'm doing. How I'm doing it. 

He knew I'd do something with this; it's in my nature and he knew me well. He set me on this mission before he died, and knew that he left our Love story in good hands.

Well, D...this is what I've done.

Coming to your area sometime in the new year.

Stay tuned for the Love~


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  • Sharon Moriarty
    commented 2019-12-11 14:43:26 -0800
    Love and Grief are the same thing. Unless you love you cannot grieve. Grief is the inexpressible unconditional Love in tangible form because the loved is no longer physically there. I hope this movie brings you some healing and redemption. But going within is to me the Golden Highway to Peace. All external forms of grief mitigation are just a childish game.