An Emotional Time ....

8_17_11.jpg.... was had by all.

I am at the San Diego airport, waiting for my flight back to Houston.
I am spent.
I am exhausted.
Physically and emotionally.
And I know I'm not the only one.

But it's a good exhaustion.
And I know I'm the only person who thinks that.

Camp Widow 2011 was a huge success.
I'm not talking about a "business success".
Yes, it's probably a bit important that an event be attended by a huge number of people, that it makes a huge amount of money, and that it gets a huge amount of attention.

That's not was this weekend was about.

It was about people.
Plain and simple.
It was about people meeting people and sharing their hearts.
And it was a HUGE success.

We all have one horrible thing in common.

And yet, now almost three hundred of us know that we have more than that in common.
We are more than our label.

We shared tears, laughs, photos, fun, stories, lack of sleep (oh my word, the lack of sleep!) ....
.... and we shared love.
Love for those who aren't here with us anymore.
Love for our families.
Love for each other.
And love for this organization and it's cause .... to let all widowed people from all over the world know that they are not alone and that there is support .... here.

I hope that's what each and every person found this weekend.
And I hope that each and every person can pass that on .... at some point in time.
Maybe not now.
But later.
To someone.

And I am very emotionally looking forward to seeing all of you again.
And more of you next time.

Because it's true, you know.
We TOTALLY rock.

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