07_02_11.jpgMaximus and I take walks at night.

I love looking up and feeling like I'm in a planetarium. For some reason, it's also a moment I feel closest to Michael...and now Charlie.

A couple of nights ago, as we were headed down Haleys Way Drive, with the song of a neighbors chimes blowing in the wind, I felt the need to note an overwhelming realization that brushed through my hair with the passing wind, and a realization that also brushed through my heart.

I have it all.

Yes,the love of my life is not here physically, and his death tore me down like a bulldozer...but I got back up, and with that I saw and cherished everything else I still have before me.

In my lifetime and in my life now, I have the knowledge that I met my soul mate and found the truest of loves, I have found friends that will never leave my side and help me through the toughest of times, I have found my passion and am able to do it everyday, I have a roof over my head and adventure in my heart to exit it when the time strikes, I have our furbabies, who show me unconditional love, and I have my future...a privilege many have cut too short.

Simply put, I have all I could ask for, and I am not only content with it, I'm in love with it...and life proves it's perseverance...and I prove my worth...and I smile...and my heart smiles with me.

"You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once."

~Oprah Winfrey

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