10_16_10.JPGAfter Michael was killed my equilibrium for life was off. How things and actions made by me were gauged, I can't quite say would fall under the category of "adventure", as my reasoning behind certain decisions was semi-based off the hope that maybe I'd join Michael sooner than later.

Selfish? Yes. But at that point the biggest risk, the biggest adventure I could take, was trying to survive. That alone was scarier than jumping out of any plane, speeding over a 100 in any car, and eating as many Ben and Jerry containers as should ever be humanly possible combined.

I can say now though, that at some point I waved the white flag and decided to face the world, create new adventures, unearth all the love and goodness in my being. I decided to grasp the fact that life has been the greatest adventure of all, and I want it to continue to be.

Right now I'm typing this from London, in a flat with some amazing widows, adding another adventure to my life resume. As I tell my loved ones, I want my life resume/adventures to be so good...that God himself would hire me.
Hope you enjoy some of the pics taken in one of my favorite places so far:


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