Additional Resources

Additional ResourcesSoaring Spirits has complied a huge list of resources to cut down on  the amount of time our community spends having to search out help online.  Resources are listed by topic alphabetically, and topics are identified with bold text for efficient navigation. We are committed to providing you with current information about active groups all over the country, and the world. We welcome your input regarding the usefulness of these references, and encourage you to share any additional sources of grief support that you have found to be meaningful.  

As a service to our community members, we are listing here some of the web resources, blogs, forums, and books that we (or another widowed person) have found helpful while walking the road of grief. This list is provided with no endorsement implied. All of these resources address grief and recovery in a unique and personal way; therefore the contents of each reflect the beliefs and opinions of the organization or author and not necessarily those of Soaring Spirits.

We hope you find these materials meaningful and helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions, or comments, about any particular resource.

Financial Help for Families

Grief Camps for Kids

Grief Camps for Families

Grief Centers for Families (Alphabetically by State)

Grieving Children Advocacy

Grief & Healing

Grief Resource Directory

Health and Fitness

Humanitarian Support for Widows

In-Print Resource Center

In-person Regional Support/Adults

In-person Regional Support for Young Adults

International Widowed Support

Memorial Items

Military and Line of Duty Deaths

Online Support/Adults

Support for Widowed Parents

Support for LGBT Widowed

Support for Suicide Survivors

Support for Widowers