A Piece of You

I felt my heart stop when your heart stopped beating

I felt the air in my lungs leave my body, when you took your last breath

I felt the world crumbling down on my chest, with every shock wave that went through yours


I was an empty vessel walking above ground, while yours lays down in the soil empty as well

I cried storms of sorrow, while rain poured down on your resting place

Lifeless is how I feel at times, lifeless is what you became


When you left this earth, part of me went with you

The part that stayed also stayed with a piece of you

She is all you in every way

So I thank you for giving me her when you left that day

She is a part of me and a part of you, she is what we made

She is now the air that fills my lungs when I couldn’t breathe and I felt like I couldn't stay


She is my motivation, my drive, and my sunshine each day

She is the rhythm of my heartbeat, beating today

Thank you for leaving me a piece of you, when you couldn’t stay

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  • Mari Posa
    commented 2019-09-25 22:58:53 -0700
    Thank you Kathy.
  • Kathy Murray
    commented 2019-09-19 08:17:57 -0700