A Letter To You

My Dearest Alex, 

Today marks 11 months of your passing, and it still feels like it happened yesterday. I miss you greatly my love, but I wanted to write this love letter to thank you for all that you gave me. So I want to start by saying thank you for loving me unconditionally every day of your life. From the moment we met, to the last words you said to me, I always felt just pure love from you. Thank you for that.

Thank you for always making me feel so special, from writing me little notes to celebrating all of my accomplishments. You made me feel beautiful, even when I didn’t feel my best. Thank you for all the times you brought me flowers, made me chicken soup when I was sick, and for picking out the best shows to watch. 

I thank you for holding me up when I felt I couldn’t stand. Thank you for wiping my tears and holding me through all of the peaks and valleys we walked through in the years we were together. Thank you for all the wonderful dinners, and the special things you did for me. Thank you for bringing so much laughter into my life, and for helping see life more beautiful.

I enjoyed all of our conversations whether deep or not and all of the games we played. I miss our late-night snacks, just laying in bed, and watching reruns of Seinfeld. We didn’t get to watch them all like we said we would. But I will finish watching them all for you.

Thank you for making every holiday so special with all of our decorations. I will make sure I continue our traditions with our baby girl. Thank you for all of the hugs you gave me. You were the best hugger in the world. They were so warm and full of love. Thank you for always eating the last piece of my meals. 

But most importantly, I thank you for all the beauty and unconditional love you gave me every single day of your life. I lived the life I had always dreamed of, with you by my side. Life was truly and incredibly beautiful with you. So thank you for teaching me about love, being selfless, patient, kind, funny and to enjoy the little moments in life. 

Losing you has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. And I also want to thank you for the things you have given me through your death. Thank you for helping me realize that I can get through anything in this life. Thank you for helping me realize my strength and resilience. Because let me tell you, being a widow and a solo parent is not easy. Thank you for teaching me, that life is very fragile and that I need to make the best of it with whatever time I have left. Thank you for helping me achieve a greater sense of forgiveness towards others. 

I thank you for all your love, your patience, your forgiveness, the laughter, for giving me your all and leaving a piece of you. I promise to teach our daughter everything you gave me. The night before your accident, you said to me “I wish you could step into my shoes, to know how much I love you”. Well, I tell you now, that through my actions I hope you can see how much I do love you. When my time is called, I hope you are the first face I see. Until then my love, stay close by and watch my love for you continue to grow even after death. 

Thank you for being you. 

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  • Mari Posa
    commented 2019-10-15 00:19:20 -0700
    Thank you Robin. He was a wonderful man.
  • Robin Regan
    commented 2019-10-14 11:15:46 -0700
    This is so beautiful.