#howisoar - Sue Nova

I found Soaring Spirits, much like many of us...a late-night Google search. I was able to go to my first Camp Widow in San Diego in 2013. There, not only was I surrounded by people like me...I learned, through the classes I attended that the world was, and still is, my oyster. I made a LOT of changes to me and my life because of that. I learned it was OK to do the things I wanted to do. I learned that there is nothing I cannot do! I learned that being afraid is OK but being paralyzed by that fear is not. I took on the role of a Regional Group Leader for my local area. Through that I was able to connect with other local widowed people who are still wonderful friends.

Since Dana died...I have downsized, moved to another state, done Spartan races, become a competitive (world record holding) power lifter, traveled internationally (alone), made new friends, and had an untold number of adventures. I do Crossfit almost every day, I camp, I paddle board and I enjoy everything! I was always very transparent with my journey and at 6+ years, I still am. I hope that, through my life, I can show people that you will not just survive, but thrive!. I want to let them know that even though we have lost our person...we can still live a beautiful life. Do I miss Dana? With every fiber of my being. That being said...I live my life, as I do, because of him. This is #howisoar.


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