#howisoar - Patricia Frederickson

In the wake of my Gabriel’s suicide, I couldn’t fathom what to do with myself – I felt overwhelmed and alone, adrift as a widow at just 27 years old. Lost, wading in the waters of grief, I attended my first Camp Widow: it was the best thing I could have done for myself.

I returned home renewed, alive again for the first time in months. Filled with a sense of purpose, I applied to graduate school for my Masters of Public Administration, and currently attend night classes to pursue my nonprofit management goals. I also volunteer as co-chair for my local American Foundation for Suicide Prevention group, and as a crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line.

Soaring Spirits has taught me that nobody has to walk alone – and I will fight that fight for myself, for my Camp family, and on behalf of those who can’t fight any longer. That, my friends, is #howisoar.



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