#howisoar - Lori Raia

After the sudden loss of my husband Albert in 2014, I was left to navigate grief after losing the center of my universe virtually alone.  Friends and family, with the exception of my wonderful, supportive parents, drifted away, and the sense of isolation was profound.  In 2015, I happened to find a blog written by Kelley Lynn on Facebook and thought “wow, this is exactly how I feel!!”  Finding out that another person actually had the same feelings I did was such a relief, and began to lift me out of that isolation.  Soon after, I met Kelley over the phone, and she introduced me to Soaring Spirits International and Camp Widow.  My first Camp was in San Diego in July 2015.  At Camp, I met a wonderful community of others that confirmed I truly wasn’t alone, and I also learned there was Hope amid my devastating loss. Also at my first Camp, I found out there were Soaring Spirits Regional Groups around the country, and a spark was lit in me with determination to start one in my area, where support for widowed people is so needed.

Finding Soaring Spirits and connecting with other widowed people who understood me was a turning point in my journey.  Becoming a Soaring Spirits Regional Group Leader and being able to reach out to others and provide support has been incredibly healing.  I am so fortunate to be able to bring the wonderful resources and community of Soaring Spirits to my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  #howisoar

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