#howisoar - Jenny Reyes-McCormack

Soaring Spirits has impacted my life by providing me with a tribe that understands the unique journey of young widowhood and solo parenting.  After the death of my husband, I was embraced by many family members and friends who had not experienced the death of a spouse. As empathetic as they all were, I still felt incredibly alienated and lost.  Soaring Spirits provided me with a network of other young widowed parents who have likewise been thrust upon this journey much too soon.

Soaring Spirits has given me the courage to share my story and has given me a voice to encourage and be encouraged. I am not alone on this journey. There exists no criticism on how I process death or how I grieve, and by observing other widowed members thrive, it provides me with the hope that I too, will continue to thrive. 

Thank you for the gift of this program! Thank you for giving me a strong and encouraging tribe! #howisoar #tribe #community #soaringspirits



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