#howisoar - Erika Herrera

I was 37 with a 16 month old baby girl when my husband, Roy, died in a motorcycle accident in April of 2015. I was lost. To say the least. Even with the most incredible family and friend support anyone could ask for, I felt alone. Like I was the only widow in the world and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I was simply terrified of not being able to provide my daughter with a "normal life".

I came across Widowed Village and there someone was talking about Camp Widow that was coming up in just a few days. I looked at the schedule of classes for Camp and couldn't believe it. There were so many classes that addressed my deepest fears and concerns. I contacted Soaring Spirits and they got me in on such short notice with no problems at all. I went to Camp a few days later and my life was totally changed. Not only did I receive useful tools and information to help along my grief journey, but I also met the PEOPLE that changed my life forever. I met my Dubs (my group of girls that are now like sisters). Soaring Spirits was able to connect me with others that I could relate to, that I could share every thought and feeling with and they'd understand completely. I couldn't believe I had met other people that were just like me.

My pivotal moment was after my second day of camp, and I was driving home and thought to myself for the first time...I'm going to be OK. And with my Dubs, I've been soaring ever since.

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