#howisoar - Celeste Blythe

It’s been 19 months since my husband passed away. His death was unexpected and quick. His absence created a huge void in my life, as well as our twin daughters (who were 8 years old at the time…one of whom has special needs). In addition, we were relatively new to Eugene, Oregon. Family and close friends were miles away. We were trying to find our way. It was when my daughters were participating in Courageous Kids that I found a beacon….a bright light. Her name is Carolyn Bates Jenkins. Her children were attending Courageous Kids too. The moment you meet Carolyn, there is an instant connection. As if you’ve been friends for years. When Carolyn returned from Camp Widow, the spark was noticeable. She had found a purpose…to connect other widows in our area.

Although a small group had informally connected previously, the formation of the Eugene/Springfield group of Soaring Spirits really brought a group together and continues to grow. It filled a void in our area. So many commented, there was nothing specifically for widows around here. Now there is. I find our meet-ups to be uplifting and encouraging. I’m enjoying meeting the other widows/widowers. My daughters have truly enjoyed meeting the other children. It’s amazing how they have all connected despite the range in ages. It is nice to connect with others who “get it”. You can just be…. Although our group is still forming, I have noticed a change within myself. I’m finding me again. I am registered to attend Camp Widow San Diego 2019. My girls and I are so excited. Thank you for bringing light back into our lives.

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