#howisoar - Carolyn Jenkins

My widowhood came as a complete and utter surprise. We were living what I found to be a pretty darn perfect life, and the death of my husband floored me and made me question my very perception of "how life is supposed to be." Gratefully I met some people who were great examples of how to continue living.

I knew very early in my widowhood that I wanted to provide support to other widows, because other wonderful widows had supported me. One of those new friends suggested that I attend Camp Widow, so I went to Camp Widow San Diego 2 days before the 2 year mark of losing my husband. I saw that there was a session about becoming a Regional Leader, and based on the story of how and why Michele Neff Hernandez started Camp Widow and Soaring Spirits, I knew that this was how I was going to get involved in passing on the support I had received in my early days of being a widow. I'm grateful to get to pay it forward and hopefully be an example of hope to other people who are widowed. #howisoar

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