#howisoar - Angel Vigil

When I was at my rock bottom, I found hope again through attending one of SSI's programs called Camp Widow. It literally saved my life because for the 1st time in 2 years, I was able to take suicide off the list of options for how I would deal with the intense pain from grief. One of the biggest accomplishments I have undertaken is, quite literally, HUGE! You see, I weighed 310lbs when I found SSI. I was always heavy starting from age 9. Once I attended my first Camp Widow and decided I wanted to live again, but for me to be agreeable to living also meant I wanted to live in a body more comfortable for participating in life activities. I no longer wanted to be just a spectator watching others have fun while I was benched living in a fat fortress. So that same summer in 2013, I underwent weight loss surgery. I have lost more than half my body weight, losing a total of 167lbs so far. I never set a goal weight. I told my body it would stop losing weight whenever it felt it was at a healthy range. Although I have numerous health issues I still deal with as a result of my loss/grief, I am now able to feel "free" as I have left the shell of my former self behind along with all that excess weight. I feel like I am literally soaring with how light I feel. This. Is. How. I. Soar!


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