Lynda Birmantas Beam

  • commented on Sudden Death Shadows 2019-10-20 18:54:30 -0700
    Trauma is very good word for. My whole body was affected by the sudden loss of my husband

  • commented on Dear Dead Husband 2019-10-15 18:09:20 -0700
    That just makes my heart hurt, I’m 63 now. Jonathan died at 48 and I was 60. I come from long lived parents, I have so much time probably left to wait till we are together again :’(

  • commented on The Agony of Defeat 2019-10-11 05:02:16 -0700
    Sending you a virtual hug, because I think that’s what I miss most about my husband :’(

  • commented on Leaving on a Jet Plane... Don't Die 2019-10-09 17:42:20 -0700
    I don’t know if this makes you feel any better, but I have a fear of flying and always worried so much when my husband flew… but apparently it was his time and it wasn’t in a plane, he was on his lunch break and never made it back to his desk.

    Turns out that he had arteriosclerosis… an “old man’s disease” — except he was 48 and in great shape, except for the ticking time bomb inside him :’(

    So we have to live for present because tomorrow is not promised to any of us