Samantha Coleman

  • commented on A Scary Reality 2019-10-02 18:55:25 -0700
    I left town for the weekend with my best friend to help my parents but also to get away, it’s been 3 months… We’ve gone away before and it’s never been an issue, I was never anxious about it, this time I was so stressed and it dawned on me… my husband was there if something happened, the kids were taken care of. If my husband and I went away, my best friend (sister) was there, if something happened, the kids would be ok. This was the first time we left together and he is gone, the kids would have no one, I stayed anxious until we made it home, fearing the worst…. She understood, she felt the same way… but no one else gets it

  • commented on Its About You 2019-09-11 23:02:11 -0700
    Friday will be 11 weeks….. 11 weeks without my love, my friend, my partner, my confidant, my encourager, my supporter, my husband, the father of my children, one biologically and the other proclaimed from the very beginning….. It was 11 yrs, 11months, and 29days from the day we said yes to forever….. He was 41 and healthy…. It wasn’t cancer, it wasn’t slow, it wasn’t expected…. It was sudden, his heart failed and no one knows why…. I’m a Nurse and I couldn’t save him…. I didn’t get to say goodbye he never heard my final I love you, he didn’t get to pass on any words of wisdom to our babies, they didn’t get to hear him say he loved them or that he wanted to stay, more than anything, he wanted to stay… I dedicate my life to helping others, doing for others and I don’t know why that isn’t enough to be allowed to keep the only man who ever truly loved me, the only man I never felt I deserved, the only man who made me feel whole…. I’m angry and I’m sad, I’m hurt and I’m frustrated, I’m tired and I’m broken…. we had so many years ahead of us, so many plans…. I’m only 35