Youn Lee

  • commented on A Scary Reality 2019-10-05 17:55:48 -0700
    I get your fear of leaving your daughter alone without a parent. I used to worry that I might not be around until my younger son finishes high school and that weight was huge with me feeling various pain throughout my body. Our focus may be more on our children’s loss, but we are going through a profound loss too. I hope you find ways to look after yourself too. Hugs

  • commented on 10 Months Ago 2019-09-01 08:11:01 -0700
    I feel what you are going through Mari. Your post reminds me of the heavy look on the policeman’s face before passing the news and my husband’s warm cheek that I didn’t want to let go. The determination to honour him and try to raise the boys as similar to how it would have been with him as possible (although impossible) has varing analgesic effects over the past 53 months, ranging from mountains to valleys at different times. I am not sure why fine people are taken far too early from us, although some say there’s a reason for everything.

  • commented on Hard Day 2019-08-16 17:37:12 -0700
    Your story resonates with me as a woman and a mum. Thank you for sharing it. Having to see kids growing up without the daddy who was deeply involved and did so much for them is agonising. I can’t tell it’s getting easier but I feel his continued love and support. Sending hugs to your way