Brenda Stratton

  • commented on Average Widow 2019-01-10 14:41:09 -0800
    Oh Staci me too, I am too young to be alone forever. I think back to when I met my husband Doug many years ago and how in love I was after a few days. I don’t know if I can ever feel that way again but would like to try. In my own space now, a townhouse condo and Doug has never been here of course, alive that is, yes, I get signs, the good old dimes out of nowhere. I know my handsome guy would want me to be happy. I go to work, come home to my little dog, (son and grandkids are around the corner), but I am alone really. Getting used to being alone and I too don’t want to remain alone. I choose HOPE and along with your JOY I feel optimistic about us starting new lives with new men one day. Thanks again for your amazing insights and comforting words. Hugs….Brenda from Canada