Bj Hawes

  • commented on History Repeats Itself All Too Often Too Soon 2018-07-09 21:50:47 -0700
    Bryan, I understand where you’re coming from regarding loneliness. I lost my best friend/love of my life of 49+ years of marriage on May 26, 2016. After moving fours year prior from Oregon to Florida and not having made any true friends, I was devastated by the loneliness. I moved eight months after that to a 55+ community in hopes of finding new friends. I kept asking the Lord to show me my mission in life so I could get it done and go be with my husband. The Lord however had other plans for me. He revealed He wanted me to start a Widows Ministry and come alongside other widows and make sure that they don’t have to go through such loneliness as I did. Well a year later and even though I will never stop missing my beloved husband, I can say that I am happy and at peace with my new life, and I am doing something good for others at the same time. I know it’s still very hard, but sometimes all it takes is giving of ourselves to others to make life worth living again.