Sheryl Zaydel

  • commented on Sitting Beside Grief 2017-11-26 20:00:03 -0800
    I feel for Mike, I know what that pain is to lose someone right before the holidays. This time of year is really bad for me and I tend to seclude and have to watch the meltdowns. I married my wife Nov 21, 2014 after having been together almost 17 years. On Dec 7th my wife suddenly died 16 days after being married, less than 2 years after we lost our teenage son to a drunk driver. So holidays push me to the edge and I think constantly about all of the “lasts” and all the things going on now that her & our son should be here for.

    Surround yourself with friends that will be your support group, don’t shut them out like I’ve done. Sending hugs out to those who need the,