Gabriel Easter


I’ve never been so detached as I am currently.


Since Linzi’s left, the landscape of the dating world and my approach to it has endured a complete facelift.


I’m not sure quite yet if that’s a good or bad thing.


Right now, I’m only thinking of myself.


Casual sex has never been a concept to me. It is now.


I’ve always been the monogamous hopeless romantic who pursued a woman with the entirety of my soul and being, upholding the utmost of chivalry and gentlemanly mannerisms.


That version of me is missing. I’m not sure if I miss it...although it concerns if it should never return again.


Where is the me of yesteryear? Did he die with Linzi? Perhaps.


A new man has come forth, an odd mixture of the husband Linzi knew and an unrecognizable concoction of a man she never knew.


Whether or not the outcome of his actions will prove to be for better or for worse...only time will tell.

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