09_04_10.jpgThis Sunday will mark my baby's 26th birthday....or 4th birthday in heaven. However you want to look at it.

Birthday's we're always such a happy time but even three years later, the angst of certain holidays never weaken with time.

I remember when I had my 23rd birthday...I had officially lived longer then my soul mate. Though that birthday was hard and not being able to celebrate his with him is equally difficult, I try to use these days to celebrate who he is/was/continues to be in my life.

I like to buy him cards and have them displayed on these special days, because for me, he's on this journey with me as much as I am with him. Ups, downs, and all.

Tonight, as shuffling through the card aisle of Wal-Mart, I found one I thought fit perfectly. I'd like to share it below:


Real love takes more than flowers

means more than

beautiful words.

Real Love means keeping promises...

holding on when you don't want to, being strong so that others may rest.

And as time and change 

swirl around us,

the love we share

stands quietly (or loudly in my case) in the midst of our lives,

forever beautiful,

forever real.


Sometimes I stop and think

about what we've been through

together- the good, the bad,

and everything in between.

And I realize that there's

no one I'd rather share

my life with than you.

Happy Birthday to the Man I Love (and I'm in love with)

I love you, baby, and am SO in love with you. The only gift I can think of getting you is the one you give me day in and day out...and that is my love...my unconditional, unwavering, undying love.

Happy Birthday!


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