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    Kelley, none of us would ever roll our eyes at anything you do relating to Don and the life you shared. We all have special dates that mean so much to us. Too bad if other’s don’t understand it, they should be ever grateful that they don’t!! You might think you will be visiting your wedding venue alone, but in truth, many of us will be walking there with you in spirit.


    Join us for lunch, coffee, dessert, whatever you like, at one of our favorite casual hangouts!

    Ask for the Soaring Spirits group, or just meet us at front hostess area.

    Please RSVP so that we know how large of a table to reserve. Thanks! 

    Group email address: kelleyiskelley@gmail.com

    October 19, 2019 at 1pm
    Devens Grill
    4 Ryans Way
    Fort Devens, MA 01434
    United States
    Google map and directions
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    I agree with Lauretta. I found this post to be very meaningful to me. His family has moved on, living their lives, and I do not hear from any of them anymore. I know I am a reminder of someone they loved and lost. Their lives continue as they were before, while mine is missing half of it. There is no way to fix it, no relief from it, it just is. I am thankful for my widowed community who understands, as no one else can.

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    Happy Birthday Kelly. You’re a person who seems to read my heart and mind. I loved your book, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. I’m sorry I missed dinner, but would love to take you to lunch soon!!

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    Kelly, real estate is a different sort of job. Your money tends to come in chunks, as opposed to a weekly pay check. When I was an agent, I also held on to a nursing job as back up. You were widowed at a young age, so you don’t have the benefit of drawing widow/survivor benefits from Social Security like some of us can. I really wish they would relook at that system. As a widow we automatically lose half our income, sometimes more than that! It’s more than enough to lose our spouse, and then to hit us with loss of income is also traumatic. You have done very well for yourself thus far. I pray that you sell some houses soon and reap some benefit from your job. Your buyers will love you, your heart is huge and it shows!!! ((hugs))

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    Hi Kelley, it was wonderful to meet you last Saturday. I always read your weekly posts and I get a lot of comfort from them. On to the task at hand: My husband, John, passed away 5 years ago this Friday. He was a hard working, honest, loving, well liked individual. He was the pied piper of all the elderly men who live in my neighborhood – whenever he worked in the yard or garage, he would be surrounded by men who came out to “help” him. Even though many times it slowed him down, he was patient and gave them the opportunity to feel useful. Together, we raised 2 fine sons, and they learned to treat their wives with respect and to be loving and kind, just as he was to me. Children learn what they live. I enjoyed every second of the 33 years I had with him, and miss him dearly, every second of every day. Now at the 5 year mark, I am trying to build a new life for myself. Baby steps every day, missing the one person I want beside me. I will be forever grateful for the life we shared.

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    This is such an important post. Your last paragraph says it all. I live with the quiet stillness everyday, while people hustle around me. Photographs and memories by Jim Croce is such a true song. We all live within that sand castle, and we just never know when the wave will come and knock it down. Once again, I will pick up my shovel and try to rebuild what remains. Thank you for this wonderful post.

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    Interesting post, as always. It occurred to me, I never once thought of the word, “widow”, when John was ill. It never came to mind until a week after he passed. Thinking about it now, I find it strange that I didn’t even think of it at the time. I was so busy with the business of trying to not lose him, I didn’t think beyond the minute to minute struggle.

    I am glad you choose to live a colorful life, Alison. Not many could do what you are doing and what you have done these 6 years. I am happy to follow your journey, to where ever it takes you.

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    My heart is broken for you. Have you considered taking some of the cremains and having something made for yourself to keep? I have a glass necklace that contains and my son has a key chain with some. When my time comes, our sons will co-mingle the ashes so that we remain together always. I feel comforted to have him here with me, and I’m sure you do the same. ((hugs)) for you, on this your anniversary day. He loves you still.

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    I believe when God closes a door, he leaves a window open. You will find the best career choice for yourself. It is so much harder without spousal support to help guide us. But listen to your heart, your wife is there and she will help guide you. Blessings to you and your daughter.

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    Beautifully written Kelley.

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    Beautifully written. Big ((hugs)) to you.

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    Thank you for this post. Much of it might have been written by me. I had a husband who loved me, and me him, so that we became more than husband and wife, we were one unit, meld together so that together we were much more than a sum of the parts. It’s hard to explain the relationship, because I believe that some people never get to have this type of joining with another human. Now it is up to us to find the new person we will become after such a great loss. As you stated, " This new version of me is going to be all that I was – and even more." I just need to find me again.

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    Thank you Kelley. I was unable to find the facebook page you mentioned, but I was able to view the meeting date and time on this page. I RSVP for the meeting on 8/15 and I look forward to meeting you there.

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    New Years Eve was never a party night for my husband and me. We usually had people over for Lobsters and steamers and we were all in bed well before midnight. The only New Years Eve that bothered me, emotionally, was 2014 where I realized that he was not going to have been alive in 2015 for any part of it. I could not imagine entering a year without him in it. That was very hard for me. 2016 was easier and I imagine this year will be less hurtful as well. I guess this is what moving forward feels like. I hate it, and I am always sad and longing for the life I had before he passed, but I can’t have that anymore. Welcome back to Mass. Kelley. I am a couple of towns away. I hope you find what you need to finish your book, and I’ll be sure to order it when you do.

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    I have noticed that too, Alison. The eyes of a widow are different, there is no fire behind them, just a deep sadness. I, too, hope that the fire returns once again.

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    I am so sorry, I don’t know how that happened :( It won’t let me delete!

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    I totally agree. I have lost some dear (I thought) friends once I became a widow. No one understands until it happens to them. My hope is that Karma pays them a visit once it happens to them and they remember how they crushed our friendship with the lack of understanding and caring they showed to me I love the last sentence, however, my fuck off comes with no respect – as they have shown none to me!

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    You might want to seek out a private duty case manager. They will be able to assist you with options for your mom. You can find one through your social service office of the nursing home. I am sorry you have to go through all of this. I’m glad your mom has you there to help her. Prayers are sent for you and your family.

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    I love this Alison. One of the best I have ever read. Thank you.