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    I love “Oh I figured you’re so busy enjoying your new life, I didn’t want to bother you!”. Its just like “If you need anything just call”. We live in an age where Facebook likes and texts take the place of a phone call, never mind “hey, lets go have coffee”.

    People “move on”. for us, it’s always there.

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    I cannot wait to read this magnificent volume! And a free copy would be a lovely gesture.

    Seriously, I’m so glad this is coming together for you.

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    But its too cold and slippery

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    A FUCKING men! Fucking preach sista PREACH!

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    I love this, I’m happy for you

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    What we need are a line of cards from widoed folk to those who still have their partners. Like us posing with our patners headstone with a Santa hat on. Send those to the ones whos lives are obnoxiously perfect. Then on Valenitnes day we can send “Happy you still have your partner and mine is in the ground day” cards. Think Hallmark’ll buy it? How ’bout Spencer Gifts?

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    Now please come to NYC so I may view it or write it myself!

    I love this!

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    Trust me, in Arlene’s heaven, there are bakeries and if she met Don up there, she and her mother would be bringing a cake, knowing Arlene, probably 3.

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    I have that wish every day. I truly hate sitting in my livingroom in the morning and looking over to where Arlene would be sitting and seeing the empty seat. I miss having my coffee with her in the morning. Ironically, I am reading this in the very coffee shop where I was heading when I got a call from the hospital telling me that she had coded and did I want them to do CPR on the day she passed.

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    What about us widowers of shopaholics?

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    Amazing! First I have to say that I truly despise the phrase “Happiness is a choice”. Walk in my shoes and see how you like it if someone says that to YOU!
    Second, I’m 27, almost 28 months out and I have done things because I have a lot of “Shoulda dones” with Arlene and I don’t want that for me. So I have a bucket list, I traveled 5 times, 3 of them during year two. And this summer, I went zip lining and I also rode in the front seat of an open cockpit biplane. I had wanted to try skydiving but apparently I’m too fat. One day maybe, I hope. When I join her, I want as few regrets as possible. And who knows, maybe I’ll be able to find a place that will let a middle aged, fat, bald and nearsighted guy jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I can dream can’t I?

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    I get mail and magazines. They don’t set me off. What sets me off are the phone calls on my cell asking for her. I used to scream, reason, threaten. Now I just tell them to call xxx-xxx-xxxx and tell them"I garantee she’s there. I was there with her this morning but she didn’t have anything to say" Then I tell them not to take no for an answer when they call. The number I give them is the cemetery. I’d give them the address, but I’m afraid I’ll drive up and there would be a UPS box in front of her stone.

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    You don’t know how happy I am for you right now. I think you are showing real courage, and I think you know how seriously I take that “C” word. I use it very very sparingly. God bless you.

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    I totally get that. In the last few months, my trips to the supermarket have been with the company of The Grief Monster. I’m food shopping for just me and I pass things that she would have bought. It truly sucks.

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    I saw it, it was inspiring and truly amazing

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    Timing is everything. Last week I took what I’ve been calling my Hall of Fame trip. I drove from New York to Cleveland (8 hours) and on the way, on I-80, I stopped by accident at a strip mall which low and behold was one that Arlene and I had stopped at during our last trip together. Then as I continued, I was able to pick out the hotel complex which had the hotel in which we slept in the same bed for the last time (We had been displaced due to delayed issues from Hurricane Sandy and were sleeping on her sister’s couch and love seat). This was the 5th trip and third road trip I had made since she passed and people keep telling me how brave I am by doing that. Frankly I don’t see it. But what I felt, especially with this one and all of the others, was the enormity of her physical absence. Instead of Arlene being in the passenger seat, my snacks and drinks were and I truly hate that. All i kept thinking as the miles passed was the times we had been on that very road, especially on our last trip together.

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    I have three stock answers to the “How are you?” question.

    1-“Thats always a relative term for me”

    2-I answer with “How are YOU?”

    3-“Status quo”

    This way I don’t have to answer “Ok” or tell them how I REALLY feel.

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