Don Yacona

  • commented on A Hallmark Heartbreak Kind of Holiday 2019-02-11 14:59:22 -0800
    I can’t tell you how much I HATE February 14th. Social media is going to be very hard that day and I would advise you to stay away from it. When I pass all the V-day stuff in store or in people’s windows now, I just mutter two words which are NOT Happy Birthday. Just saying.

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    Right where I am these days. Thank you

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    Is that enough?

  • commented on This is Getting Old 2019-01-14 11:17:42 -0800
    This “life” sucks

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    Wonderful as always

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    Arlene passed on June 10th, 2015. I have always marked the 10th of each month by bringing her white roses to the cemetery and posting a white rose on her facebook. I used to be able to count how many months its been, but lately, because so much time has gone by, I had to think about how many months its been, I was doing that today.

    I have my own version of the nasty old woman dressed in black, sort of a combination Walt Kawolski and Fred Sanford..“Get off my lawn you big dummy”. Hey it works.

  • commented on Growth, Change, and New Opportunities 2019-01-04 11:15:34 -0800
    Thats what I’ve tried to do for the last three years. I listen to different music now, done different things, I’ve made five bucketlist trips, on my own I might add. She’d be amazed at everything I’ve done. It just makes me incredibly sad that she didnt share in them. Nothing I can do about that.

  • commented on All the Things We Didnt Do 2019-01-04 11:11:36 -0800
    Turning shoulda dones with our late spouses into gotta do’s for us now.

  • commented on One Box 2018-12-22 08:15:00 -0800
    This is wonderful Kelly. I’m so happy for you that you found Nick, he sounds like a great guy (for a Red Sox fan, j/k) and it is my wish for you and him, that that one box becomes the first of what will eventually become a warehouse full of boxes. With room for Don’s of course.

    Merry Christmas

  • commented on My Crooked Christmas Tree 2018-12-17 11:50:31 -0800
    That tree ROCKS! And so does the Dog. Merry Christmas!

  • commented on I am Different than Who you Loved 2018-12-17 11:48:23 -0800
    Thank you for this. I was out with friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time last week, and they told me that I’m not the same. I tried to explain to them that this experience (and the preceding struggle beforehand, long term unemployment, being a caregiver, recovery from Hurricane Sandy) changes people. I also told them that When or if they go through it, it will change them too. They didn’t seem to buy it, so we ordered another round of beers, or another three rounds, I forget.

  • commented on Always Learning~ 2018-11-21 07:01:41 -0800
    “Happiness is choice”, yeah I LOVE that one. Here, let me chop off your arm, not happy? Opps, you aren’t choosing to be HAPPY, and you’re wallowing. Bit me.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • commented on H O P E 2018-11-07 11:13:57 -0800
    I loved the idea, and saw part of your intro, and of course Michelle’s speech. Nice job all around.

  • commented on As Long As I Don't Do This 2018-10-17 11:17:49 -0700
    I’m glad you didn’t go back to it, I know first had how destructive that can become. My mom passed in 1970, leaving behind my father and 4 children. My memory tells me that my father cried on the couch for a month, and then set out to become a functioning alcoholic for his next 30-35 years. The trail of destruction was massive, the house started falling apart, and so did the family. He made on bad decision after another and alienated friends and family. I am 3 years and 4 months out since my G/f passed and one of the things I decided was not to react the way he did. I only drink at social occasions, and then it is only one or two, and I rarely take a drink in the house, and I have a fridge full of really good alcohol. Am I tempted? Sometimes, but so far, I have been able to fight off that urge and travel the same path as my father.

  • commented on Maybe this will Help - What I know about Grief and Support 2018-10-16 12:05:44 -0700
    WONDERFUL! Very well put. I’d settle for a phone call from family once in a while where they AREN’T thinking I’m ready to walk in front of a bus. An invite for a cup of coffee would be nice too. I guess I’m asking too much.

  • commented on The Silent Missing 2018-10-12 11:10:36 -0700
    You are truly blessed to have had Don and to have Nick now.

  • commented on Trigger Tropes 2018-10-09 11:10:39 -0700
    I completely agree about medical shows and movies. I saw Arlene in ICU hooked up to machines 4 times. And she lost both legs due to runaway issues from diabetes and dialysis. I found it very hard to sit through the hospital segments Patriots Day when they were bringing in patients and using words like “saline” and “amputate” because she lost both legs (the 2nd I had to sign off on while she was in the coma) and those along with several other phrases used there were part our daily battle for her last 30 months.

  • commented on My Dare to the Universe 2018-10-04 11:21:06 -0700
    That was epic! I’m 3 years and 3 months out, I have ZERO desire to go on one of those dumb sites for the same reasons you listed, too many horror stories. I will not hunt, and I will not chase. It took Arlene three years of knowing me before she made her move, so I think I’m probably an aquiered taste. I would have to be ambushed by someone before I use the “D” word. Plus anyone who got involved with me would need to know that there is a pecking order and that her memory will always come first. And if she passes that vetting, she’d have to be prepared for all the bad crap that seems to follow me. And if she gets thru THAT, I would need to see clearance from a mental health professional because anyone who wants to get involved with me after hearing all that would have to be a bit on the crazy side.

  • commented on PROOF 2018-09-17 12:03:18 -0700
    I truly believe he would be.

  • commented on September and Remembering 2018-09-12 11:31:17 -0700
    I wish I had known Chuck, sounds like quite a guy