taryn.jpgIt's here.


Another year I venture into without Michael. Officially the 4th year that I cannot reference Michael to being in.

I do not know what this year will bring as each year has been different.

2007-2008- The years of the "fog" and immense anger displacement on loved ones for not getting what the heck I was going through.

2009- Pretty good! I started figuring out and actually utilizing the fact that I am the one that determines when I actually want to start living again. All the things that I did were suddenly enhanced by the fact that I was seeing the world with "new" eyes.

2010- It had its ups and down. More ups than downs which I mark as being the dictator of whether the year is good or bad.

Leaving me to enter 2011. From looking at the past years, I've got to admit that they actually are getting better with each one. I never look back at the horrible years and say that I should have done anything differently, as they allow me to savor the contentment and happiness that have oozed in afterward.

I wish that to continue for myself and you.

Happy New Year.

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