Julene McGregor

  • commented on Mending the Quilt 2019-10-29 11:51:14 -0700
    I so love your analogy! It’s true for everyone and everyone’s quilt is different. While some may look perfect from the outside, most of the time there are holes that others just don’t see or threads just barely hanging on. We all have the opportunity to mend our quilts and let others help us with the sewing when the times are really tough. Can’t wait to apply these thoughts to my own life!

  • commented on Hard Day 2019-08-15 11:57:47 -0700
    I’m so very sorry.

  • commented on My Final Self-Reflection 2019-08-01 16:29:23 -0700
    I have enjoyed your insight over the time you’re written and wish only the best for you and your daughter. You and your wife sound like you had a very strong relationship and I hope you and your daughter will continue that family connection.

  • commented on Hola Amigo 2019-06-18 15:01:05 -0700
    So beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to an entire family. <3

  • commented on Trauma Triggers: Is This Still a Thing? 2019-03-08 14:59:19 -0800
    What a blessing for her that you were there to stay with her. I’m sorry it caused you so much pain. <3

  • commented on Risk Assessment 2019-01-08 13:15:18 -0800
    What a beautiful blessing to you both and such a special way to remember everyone involved. Congratulations!

  • commented on H O P E 2018-11-06 09:02:54 -0800
    Wow, that is incredible and very beautiful! Great job! <3

  • commented on Meeting in Dreams 2018-05-29 14:52:35 -0700
    Wow. Very powerful and very sweet.

  • commented on Happy Belated 2018-04-03 15:45:14 -0700
    While it doesn’t change the circumstances and may also seem like overkill, what Drew was doing when he was drying off the cherries was very important to the farmers of those orchards. The accident rocked our little valley and we all felt his presence and loss that day. I am thankful that there are people just like him that love to fly and are able to do so for these types of things. It is such a coincidence to feel like I “know” him just a bit more because of this site and now get to watch his legacy with Sarah as you all move forward. I love that you honor him too and his memory is kept alive. You are also teaching Shelby that just because someone is gone from our present doesn’t mean they are gone from our hearts. Great job Dad and thank you Drew!

  • commented on Creating Christmas 2017-12-21 14:02:59 -0800
    Love, love, love this. I think the key here is giving ourselves permission to change what we’ve always done (or not done) and make new traditions for our own families. Merry Christmas to your family!

  • commented on Counting Life 2017-09-25 13:38:51 -0700
    I saw count away! Whatever makes it happy and joyous for you is wonderful. And for those that might think it’s silly, thanks for explaining how scary new counting is too.

  • commented on A Waste of Worry 2017-08-25 16:29:44 -0700
    What a beautiful testimonial to a wonderful conference. I’m so happy you went out of your comfort zone to go!

  • commented on New Love 2017-07-03 14:52:33 -0700
    Yay! Yay! Yay! You are right….live in the now, here, fully present, and enjoy it. I was divorced but when I find my now husband it was quick, full of life and love and right. When you’ve been through so much there is a knowledge of what you want and deserve at this point that you don’t have the first time around just because it was the first time. Enjoy!!!

  • commented on Pay it Forward for Don Shepherd Day ..... 2017-06-15 11:45:01 -0700
    Maybe you can’t link it here but can you give us a link to the Facebook event page so we can join!

  • commented on Seaworthy 2017-03-27 08:41:38 -0700
    Love, love, love it! What a beautiful, poignant way to remember this years trip and remember that you are beautiful. You are right, it may go somewhere or it may not, but for now it created such a wonderful memory and valuable life lesson. Sail on!

  • commented on Halfway There 2016-10-21 09:47:46 -0700
    On the flip side, Sarah fell in love with the man who has gone through a lot of life and knows how to appreciate the little things. A man who doesn’t have as many insecurities as we all do at 22 and the instability of life at a young age. A man who can understand her losses and knows how to help her through them as she helps you. That man is very different than the 22 year old young one and perhaps even better in some ways? Maybe Megan and Sarah both got and are getting exactly what they needed at the right times.

  • commented on Parenting and Grieving, How the Hell? 2016-08-15 13:51:28 -0700
    I’m not a widow but I am a step-parent. I have two daughters of my own and one stepdaughter. I’ve had said stepdaughter for the past 10 years (she was 15 when I came into her life and she lived full-time with us as her mom is not really around and I became “mom”). I will tell you that although I am a mom, I felt those same feelings about my stepdaughter the first few years. It was hard. Really hard. But over time that has changed. It will never be “exactly” like my own, but it’s close. I do miss her but differently. I love her fiercely and probably now very close to my own. But it takes time, struggles, love and everything in between. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard to be honest but it’s also wonderful to be honest. The love between the two of you will grow in it’s own way and someday you’ll look up and see what a unique and special relationship you and she have.

  • commented on Pray to Live 2016-03-25 11:55:26 -0700
    I am so happy that you feel like you’ve turned the corner to look towards life and living. It makes me smile. :)

  • commented on Just Dance. Just Drive. Just Talk and Just Be. 2016-02-17 09:00:41 -0800
    Wow. Just wow. You are a force to be reckoned with and I’m sure Chuck would be very proud of how hard you fight. Charge forward!

  • commented on Backward is Forward 2015-10-30 10:00:41 -0700
    Great job. And great job recognizing that even painful things that feel like backward steps can actually be forward movement. You are an inspiration to so many.