Sue Girard

  • commented on How ARE you? 2018-03-16 12:06:41 -0700
    used to laugh inwardly at the question..say “OKay”, and then get asked “JUST okay?” I’d say, with some emphasis to it, “Yeah… ‘Okay’ Is OKAY!” then I think they got how much of a milestone “OK” really is.

  • commented on Idle Thoughts, Leaving 2017, Going into 2018~ 2017-12-28 08:42:45 -0800
    pretty much sums up everything. I’ve given up hope for companionship at 69…but will keep trying for new experiences, before I get too infirm to partake! Mind you, no parasailing for me, I set the bar pretty low, lol. What really worries me? Being technologically left behind in The Dust. Scary stuff.

  • commented on A Day Like Every Other. Except~ 2017-10-25 17:44:12 -0700
    I hear you! Please don’t forget to EASE into exercise and always start with yoga or stretching. You don’t want to injure your back or your knees!

  • commented on Wear Your Damn Watch! 2016-03-20 18:36:36 -0700
    My husband was in electronics at a power plant, so couldn’t wear his nice metal case watch he’d gotten in Japan during his Navy stint. I found it and have taken it to a watchmaker to clean and adjust and I’m now gonna wear it!