Grace Johnson

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    Hi Alison…such a beautiful piece of your soul…💜

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    Yep…exactly. This is my tenth Christmas without my PERSON, my husband of thirty three years…and I can tell you, yes, grief is ever-changing…
    doesn’t get better, but yes it changes…
    and we change as we learn how to better carry our heavy cloak of sorrow. Through the years, Grief becomes very quiet, very personal and private as your journey continues.
    Those who grieve understand each other…we EMPATHIZE…we know each other’s pain.
    We know much of your pain, Kelley…
    and that😥🎅 is why we celebrate with you…your new love.We are happy, because you are.
    Your joy puts a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts.
    Enjoy the 🎅🎄🎁💝Christmastime…let your blessed new love help heal your wounded heart….
    Merry Christmas and Happy New .❤❤

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    💖😢😊…so happy and grateful…

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    OMG Alison…I struggle for words…the sorrow your poignant words evoke is so heavy I have difficulty even breathing…like someone has invaded my private self…for again you speak my heart…all the hearts of us who grieve our lost love…we all ask these questions…questionsthat have no answers…or questions for which we sadly know the answers…😥
    Almost 9 years now for me…you will experience changes…but the questions will still come…
    Every so often, in those moments of deepest missingness… I still find myself foolishly asking that question I know the answer to, but like a disappointed child I ask anyway …"…but God!!… why??? " :(

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    I am speechless…to know someone else is feeling…knowing…living…my sorrow…All my mind thinks is OMG…how sad.
    “Be his wife…his lover again…not his widow”…yes…yes, if only for amoment

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    You tell it like it is….ohhh, the missingness

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    Lovely…and I “spirit dance”, too.

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    If he looked like my Travis and was even half as wonderful as he, I would love to get to know him and him get to know me….after all, that is the type of man I am attracted to….oh God test me…go ahead and test me!!!!

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    Oh my God, Alison…I will talk to you when I stop crying…for now, I love you, keep on….Grace’s hugs

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    NUMB. Exactly. You are numb. We all understand totally, and it is freaking “normal”
    Chuck is still the most beloved person in your life…losing him?…what more can you feel?
    When Travis died, (oh dammit that still hurts) I was grieving my dear mother….he died and
    Nothing else mattered without him.
    All lesser pain got sucked up in my grief for him.
    So, yes, it is normal to feel numb…you are normal, though you feel anything but normal.
    It will be seven years since ____…my numbness is wearing off a bit—-I know, because I started to think about others Ive lost, especially my mom.
    And, yes, I too had passion for so very much in life with my Travis in it…death steals that too, but slowly some of it is given back….but the magic, the sparkle… are gone, and I dont expect to ever feel them again—-it’s sad, but how could it be any other way?
    ?…Travis was the sparkle, was the magic.😞 Hang in there, Alison..,
    maybe it wont ever be great again, but it will get bettter…yes, somehow..,somehow

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    “Clusterfuck”…exactly and lol.
    “I don’t know where I went when Chuck died. I just know that I went away and I know that woman isn’t coming back and I grieve that. I grieve for so much that was lost.”
    Yes…the me I was with my Travis has gone away…I look at pictures of us together…always in an embrace…wrapped in each
    other….I look at them and I smile and feel a kind of peace, for I know where she is…those lovers are together…for I died too.
    And so who is this petson left behind???
    Im trying to find that out…trying, tho unwillingly, to create a new identity…still going thru the motions, thankful for that beautiful soul that shared my life…and still.hating the fate I was dealt…I find myself running away from the grief…trying to have fun, like an alcoholic uses his drink…wanting to find my new purpose…think I know what I am to do…always there on the edge of it…easting precious TIME…not yet getting to the core of who I must become…but SOMEDAY I will…and so will you.

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    My heart…

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    ’ I just want to curl into a ball on the floor and sometimes must even allow myself to curl into a ball on the floor so that I can get up again."…..
    And we do get up again…and again…and again…and again…
    I don’t know how or even why, but we do…we must.
    I think it is because there is more we must LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, LEARN, GIVE, TAKE, SHARE, TEACH, ACCEPT, CHANGE…maybe UNDERSTAND….but most of all…L O V E…for there is NOTHIN’ BUT LOVEHUGS