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    Recurring Donation

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    Sunset Cruise Tickets

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    Thank you. This gives me hope for a future love. And I am so happy for YOU!

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    Dedicate Newly Widowed Packets

    Soaring Spirits Newly Widowed Packets are provided, free of charge, to any widowed person who requests one.

    Filled with supportive comments from other widowed people, a newly widowed checklist, a small reminder that hope matters, and program information for all Soaring Spirits programs, these packets are designed to immediately connect any widowed person with the Soaring Spirits community.

    Our Newly Widowed packets are provided through the generosity of our donors. All donors are given the opportunity to write a personal dedication that will be included on the packets they have donated. Each packet costs $5 to create, and packets can be donated in groups of twenty.

    If you’d like to provide a group of newly widowed people with this immediate connection to understanding, hope and community, please use the form below to make your donation and our team will be in touch to help you create your custom dedication.

    We are humbled to have the opportunity to do our work in your loved one’s honor.

    *All donations are processed in US$