Michelle Fitzakerley

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    Your post resonated with me today. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me. I saw others consumed by their grief and worried I wasn’t like that. That may be I hadn’t loved my husband enough. Then I realised I had spent the last ten years of his life grieving, every time his condition deteriorated, when he could do less with the kids i grieved a little bit more for what was lost. His death was the end of a process I had been going through for a long time already so it would be different for me

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    Four years a widow and fourteen months into a new relationship and I’m still not sure I can give you adequate answers.
    The grief and the missing haven’t stopped I still think about him all the time. The two of them are totally different and the way I feel about them is too. Yet somehow they both hold a place in my heart. Yes it does feel easier having someone to share my life with and knowing that there’s a person whose got my back… But its different. Being with someone since you were young, growing up with them, having kids building a life. Totally different to meeting and being with someone as adults with a lifetime of “baggage”.

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    As if meeting someone new fixes the grief. Ha ha
    I’m in a new relationship and still the grief monster creeps up and slaps me round. More complicated emotional stuff to navigate

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    Cyber hugs for you Kelley. Everything will be okay. Give yourself plenty of tlc and take life a minute at a time.

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    Since my hubby died I to have no sense of time. When he was ill time was always at the forefront of my mind. Hospital appointments, medication all had to be done at a certain time. Then it stopped….
    Nearly four years on still I am not anchored by time. I was stunned this week by Easter. Has all that time passed since Christmas where did it go?
    I have to keep a record of important events and appointments on my phone calender with reminder alerts otherwise I would miss everything.

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    Thank you so much for posting this. I am so much happier knowing it isnt just me😃

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    So true “grief will take you take you places you never imagined”
    I look at the woman who emerged from the ashes of my husbands death and I cant believe it. This is me I Survived my own destruction rebuilt from the ground up. And do you know what, I think I’m pretty awesome😃

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    So heartbreaking and so much my reality as well

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    Kelly I hope everything turns out okay for you. Coming from the UK where health care is free at point of use the fact you can not get basic healthcare in the U.S. A country which leads the world in so many things is beyond belief

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    This is beautiful and just what I needed today. Thank you