Grief. Love. Magic. A new road. A new life~

Idle and Random Thoughts about Life in Grief~

In life, in culture, we are encouraged to connect with others, with community.  As girls, we imagine who we’re going to marry (a high percentage of us anyways).  Who will we fall in love with?  We date, fall in love, get engaged, marry, and build a deep connection to our person, and society applauds us. Then our person dies and we’re heartbroken, devastated, and we often experience great difficulty in going on, in creating a new life for ourselves.  And that same society that applauded our successful connection now sits in judgement and not so subtly encourages us to medicate our grief.  We must let go, we’re told. You’re grieving too long.

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Return To Me~

Return to me…

Please come back…

Return to me, with your strong arms

That wrapped round me…

And made me feel safe and secure

No matter what was going on around us.

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Just me, trying to figure this shit out, after the firestorm of my beloved husband's death~
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