Linda Tevebaugh Keeling

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    Stephanie… I have always looked forward to your Thursday writings..I’ll miss you so much!

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    This is beautiful….my person is my husband, John Pete Tevebaugh, Jr.

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    My new husband, also a widower, created a memory bookshelf….and on that I put his stocking and he put her favorite ornament in the display…the memory bookshelf is of the the side of the room and not the focus of attention for the room…and this was done on purpose….the Christmas Stocking thing was my late husband’s thing…never did it before he came into our lives (my sons and me…he was my second husband)….and I have kept that tradition still today though the kids are grown….they still have their stockings..I have mine…new hubby has his and now my baby grandkids…the stockings are in memory of remembering John over the holidays…I push all the other thoughts aside and focus on the now…….Sounds like you are doing great balancing it all

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    Kelley….this is so raw and REAL….all your hard work has gotten you to where you are……just keep at it… will get a little easier as time goes….Enjoy those great days…..Process the bad days….and never ever give up.

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    I loved this…. especially last paragraph… thanks!

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    I have had the same thoughts from the very beginning over five years ago… And these same thoughts continue… as well as the smiles filled with tears..
    Thanks for sharing what is so hard to put into words .

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    I can relate to the finding of joy again…I have found it in finding myself, in becoming a brand new grandma, watching my sons become great adults….and now in a new remarriage……though I miss my John for over 5 years and the joy of life with him.
    What I noticed is when I have met a new widow or someone whom I knew before becoming widowed how quick they say they don’t want to hear that they will find a new love, like I did…..which I have never done or would do…..

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    Very very nice

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    I so get this….I know I am not the same person I was before my John died…and I so miss my life I had with him…Yet…I am in a new remarriage…a different town and a different home….I am very happy….however, it is different from the happy I had with John……not better…just different….

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    Absolutely beautiful….I am going to copy it…..OK?

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    Perfectly written what I could not…. Aug 11th was our anniversary….still not knowing what with to honor that very special day….I usually visit the lake where we got married.. stand where we stood 10 years ago… we got almost 5 years together…
    all this though I now celebrate a new anniversary of April 18 with my now husband…. year #1 this year.

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    Welcome, Gabe….looking forward to more of your writing…..

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    Sarah… thanks for your post as it made me realize that I have had the same feelings but been pushing them aside.
    I remarried a little over year ago… my husband husband is 11 years older… in excellent health….
    We are in a great happy relationship…. yet I’ve been feeling as though something could change at any moment!
    And I have to remind myself that I need to be living and appreciating THE moment… that right now Everything is ok… in fact, it is great… and I need to stay in the moment!
    I hope and pray your day of dread becomes a day of delight.

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    Kelley… this is all so true…. every word! You have to experience this to really get it!
    Sometimes it seems so surreal.
    I can wake up in the middle of the night from my snuggling new husband …. and then go to our memory shelf where both my John and his Judi are remembered with pictures and favorite things… and sit holding a picture of John telling him how much I miss him and love him.My new husband tells me he does the same.
    This is not all the time… it is mostly occasionally… however sometimes more of often.
    Yet my new husband and I love each other very much… we are very very happy…..
    If you think about it too much it is impossible to make sense of it all.
    I just go with it.
    Thanks for putting the almost impossible feelings into words.

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    Kelley… you just described exactly what I have felt yet could never express in writing or verbally… thank you so very much.
    It is thrilling to hear about you falling in love…..

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    I often have to look at John’s picture to remember his beautiful brown eyes …and then close my eyes to feel the realness of them.

    I love to hear John stories…love to hear his name….
    Great post, Kelley…..

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    Kelley… I have missed you the last couple weeks….I look forward to your posts….I was getting sad that you had decided to stop your posts.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    My sister had something very similar…ended up being a particular type of vertigo…she had to do specific head movements to get something in her ears back in balance.
    Prior to these findings she was being evaluated for a cardiac event.
    So happy for you in finding your next great love! It is amazing how our hearts are able to love our person who is no longer with us AND our new person!!!!
    I married my new person a little over a year ago. He is a widower so I am his new person. We love each other very much and continue to love my John and his Judi…..
    Starting SS in your area is exciting…I wished I lived closer I would participate…
    Can’t wait for your book! Keep at it … it will get done!

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    I have struggled with this… I look at pictures….I close my eyes in the quiet and force the memories… I can not nor want to forget

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    Welcome… sorry you are here yet looking forward to your writings…. you are not alone

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    So very happy for you, Kelley! I am in my next great love and you described it perfectly!