Gayle Goldberg

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    #saytheirname – Kenneth Rostkowski

    This is a beautiful, loving gift.

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    Welcome to the club none of us wanted to join. Thank you for writing.

  • commented on I Still Look For Him 2017-12-04 07:19:57 -0800
    Wishing you strength and peace. It’s been over 10 years for me, and I’m happily remarried, and still google my late husband’s name every so often. This time of year is hard for many of us, and the second year was the hardest year for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hope that your surgery and recovery are smooth and that you will be gentle with yourself.

  • commented on Present and Accounted For 2017-11-20 05:16:56 -0800
    We all appreciate support, whether we “need” it or not. I’m sorry about your friend. Hope you can find support and friendship in other places.

  • commented on Stress 2017-11-20 05:05:01 -0800
    A very wise widow once reminded me “You won’t always feel the way you do now.” and it’s advice that has helped me through many rough moments/days/weeks. I hope you can find support in many places – both online and in person, as you get through the next weeks. Wishing you peace.

  • commented on We Didn't Win 2017-11-13 05:53:11 -0800
    I’m so sorry. I hope you can find a support group, either in-person or online, for your daughter. Knowing you are not the only one going through something is important for all of us, and especially important for a teenage girl who already feels abandoned by her friends.

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    Wow – this is great!

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    I still get mail addressed to my late husband, even though I’ve moved to a different state and he never lived at my current address. It’s been over 10 years and it still stings every time.

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    What a wonderful gift!

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    Tracy –
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Look everywhere you can for support. You’ll find it in unexpected places, (and may not find it where you expect it).
    One of the most helpful things I was told, and I tell many new widows is: You won’t always feel the way you do now. I repeated that to myself over and over again at the beginning.

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    This brought tears to my eyes. Every word resonates with truth and love.

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    This is great writing. I can almost see it as a book with illustrations. Thank you.

  • commented on Pieces of Her 2017-06-12 09:14:02 -0700
    Powerful, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing this.

  • commented on Back to You 2017-06-09 07:46:13 -0700
    Everyone’s grief is different, but after 10 years, I can honestly say that I don’t feel that way any more. The grief now tends to rear it’s head more at the missing of happy occasions.

  • commented on This...This is Life. This is Love~ 2017-06-08 09:00:36 -0700
    Love never dies.

  • commented on The End of Another Chapter 2017-05-31 08:55:10 -0700
    Best of luck to you as you move into a new stage.

  • commented on I want my why 2017-05-02 09:20:29 -0700
    I don’t think we ever know what the point is, or the why, at least not in this lifetime. I’m sorry that you have to deal with your own serious medical problems on top of your loss. Life certainly isn’t fair.

  • commented on Love. Only love. 2017-03-08 08:15:21 -0800
    “To the distant past that is both yesterday and incalculably forever ago”
    This is exactly the feeling that is so hard to describe!

  • commented on Runner Up 2017-01-16 09:19:23 -0800
    I’m a remarried widow and I’ve had those feelings, and similar conversations. But it’s not a contest, and it’s not like you’re choosing between the two of them. My first husband was the best husband for me at that time, and my current husband is the best husband for me now. Hopefully your boyfriend won’t always feel the way he feels now, and neither will you.