Gabe Easter

Wrapped in Plastic

I started something. A project some time ago. Something that had the potential to be great. It wasn’t the first time people had criticized my actions or gave me their advice or opinions.


With anything great or new always comes opposition, whether it be other people or ourselves.


When I dated for the first time after Linzi, I questioned whether or not it was the right time. I made comparisons. I made assumptions. I made mistakes. I made wrong decisions.


I had some people question if it was too soon. Question if it was unfaithful to her memory. Question if I was being too hasty in my decisions, and not even just in dating.


I’ve had to cut ties with people and disregard unwanted opinions and unsolicited advice.


I had to learn, the hard way, and I’m still learning, that the road to happiness requires you to be a little bit selfish, and I had to be okay with that.


The people who truly mattered? Well they would still be around regardless of what I put forth in the universe.



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