Gabe Easter

All Paths Lead Somewhere

Some days I just lay there.


Or sit there.


Or stand there.


In silence.


I get lost in feeling numb.


Patience was never my strong suit. And it’s a difficult thing to be patient when everything has felt so empty for so long and all you desire is to fill whole again.


I can see that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a very long tunnel however.


Sometimes I get tired of walking in the dark.


Sometimes I have to be still for a moment and realize that I’m still moving forward, despite the fact that I can see nothing in front of me.


It can be discouraging when you can’t see the destination.


But it’s important to remember one thing: all paths lead somewhere.


So if you have to stop for a moment. It’s okay. Just don’t stop indefinitely, because there is a destination to be reached.


All paths lead somewhere.

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