Don Yacona

  • commented on One More Phone Call 2016-01-25 15:04:07 -0800
    I completly understand. I have a picture of her in every room and I still haven’t disconnected her cellphone. There are times when i call it just to hear the voice or listen to voicemails that are on my phone, even though most of those are of her calling while screaming in pain. It’s still her voice and I miss it so much. I’m a little more than seven months out and I am still getting grief spasms several times a day.

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    First let me say that that is a wonderful picture of you two. Now, as for myself, Thanksgiving went by ok, got an invite to one of my cousins. When I got home, I fealt empty as usual, looked at the spot where she used to sit, and lost it. But thats not unusual because thats my normal reaction when I look there. I’m not sure how I will react to Christmas, what I am dreading is New Years eve. Early on, we would come into the city, have dinner and then go to a comedy club. Then, when I got skittish about driving into the city that night because its ametuer night, we would go to dinner, a movie, then come home and watch the ball drop on tv and have champaign. Then she would call relatives to say happy New Year while I turned on the Honeymooners marathon. In the last three years, she was either in the hospital or in a nursing rehab for two of them, so that stopped. This year will be the first time I’m going to be home by myself without her. And it dawned on me, that this is the first holiday season where I wasn’t around her since 1979. I really am dreading New Years.