Lisa Richardson

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    My heart breaks for you. So much change and so many hurdles in the road. My first week of boot camp the chaplain spoke to all of us about the intense physical training and all the marching and running. He said when it got really tough, and you didn’t think you could move your feet another step, to just say “Lord, if you’ll keep picking them up, I’ll keep putting them down”. That memory has kept me going more times in the last 6 years than I can count. Hugs to you from Seattle.

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    This morning Delta Airlines sent my husband an email about his frequent flyer plan. I looked at it longingly for quite a while and realized how much I enjoyed just seeing his name there. Six and a half years and it still tugs at my heartstrings. It was so hard to delete that email.

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    Anniversaries are the worst because we’re the only ones on earth who have those memories. Thanks for sharing yours with us. What a beautiful tribute!

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    Wow, six years and counting and I still feel just as you described….sigh.

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    “Back in me real life….” is such an apt description. This life just doesn’t feel like my real one. Thank you for sharing your letter to Ben. It carried me back in time too.

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    Tracy we love you and are all so very, very sorry. Please keep coming here and joining us.

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    My life has been amazingly similar to yours, but I’m 20 years ahead of you. At nearly 60 I’m feeling a huge pull towards that freedom. But I have a son in college and tuition is steep. The added responsibilities we carry as widows/widowers can warp our view. I recently realized I need to step away, even if it’s just for 24 hours, to rest and recharge. Thanks for reminding me of that need, and that I’m not the only one feeling this way!

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    This is a side of widowhood I have struggled with so much. Five years after Tony died I had the opportunity to sit down with his closest friend whom I hadn’t seen all those years. It felt like coming home. For that one hour I had most of my whole self back just because I was with the only other person on earth who shared much of our history. I was my best self when I was married to Tony. I hope one day to find some of that girl again.

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    I too remember the horrible realization that odd word now applied to me. I turned it over and over in my mind, tried to say it outloud like I was trying it on for size. It just was unbelievable. Six years later it still sounds odd…but without it I would not have found everyone here and as the poem goes “and that has made all the difference”.

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    OMG Alison I’m right there with you only this week it’s the car…and I’m so done with having to shoulder it all alone. Widowhood just sucks. Sending love your way (and hope for a fix for your computer gremlin!)

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    Kaiti I keep coming back to this post….it is so very true for me. It sometimes feels the kids and I are the only ones who miss him so much. And the missing I feel is on a whole different level. I hope you are well – I miss your posts each week. Sending hugs

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    I envy you Wendy, for having the courage to go to camp. I live just south of you in Seattle, and although near enough to make the trip, have not found the courage so far. Hope it was a wonderful experience.

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    Thank you Sarah for this priceless reminder. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your friend and our collective loss of such a beautiful soul. We need more Corenas in our world. I pray she has a wonderful journey.

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    Somehow the loss of an entire world, all the people, places, memories is devastating. I feel life as I knew it here in my community is over and facing an unknown future doesn’t feel exciting or hopeful like it did with someone to share it. I lived in the islands 30 years ago, but the memories of that special place still wash over me like the gentle tradewinds blowing whenever I close my eyes. Much aloha to you.

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    I decided not to fight those days. Instead I plan something special to honor and remember him. After six years the only thing I know for certain is I’ll never “get over it” but like you I’m getting used to just “being” with it.

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    Wendy I’m so there with you. My now 19-year-old son is working on his first car and boy is he resenting only having mom. I’ve always felt so keenly aware that the one thing I can’t be for him is a dad. And I too am thankful for Joseph’s positive post. It helps to hear from both of you!

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    Well your rat story triggered my own rat story memories. (We have giant Norwegian tree rats here in the northwest, but we love the trees so we deal with the rats). The memories are so bittersweet. But I did laugh at the last line you wrote….I said the very same thing when I had to fix the faucet! We’re all just doing the best we can.

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    Mike this is exactly where I’ve been the past few months. Feeling the entire range of what you described, and in a way feeling concerned that somehow after 6 years I’m not “doing it right”. Thanks for reminding me there is no right or wrong in this mess, only forward day by day.

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    I think all of us are screaming a big internal – YES!! THAT’S IT EXACTLY!
    I put in my time and it kind of feels like “until it’s my time”…. I’m trying hard to find new purpose but it is so elusive. Sigh