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    Ok, I can so relate to this. I yell at Jared all the time for having the nerve to die! I usually start with if you hadn’t died… Yesterday there was a problem with the cable and WiFi and no natter what I did I couldn’t fix it. And then I am yelling at Jared because if he were here it would have been fixed. By instead I am cussing and yelling and in a shitty mood. You’re right…their deaths are a pan in the ass!

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    I LOVE this. Wish someone had written me a letter like this.

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    Such an emotional piece of treasure. My husband wrote a letter to Steven when he was waiting for his second lung transplant. In it, Jared told all about his childhood and about his hopes and dreams for Steven. Like you, I have not given it to Steven but have it safely stored away for when he is older.

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    I can’t wait for your workshop. You are brave and courageous to be stepping out and pouring your heart and soul in the project. Yes, no one wants to be a member of our club but what would we do without each other?

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    Sarah how beautiful! You and Shelby are so blessed to have each other. Healing each other. You are a wonderful mother figure! I wish you continued love and joy.

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    Well said. I had the same thought I have to tell Jared about Prince. And then I thought, shit I can’t tell him. If only everyone expressed their grief for family and friends like they do for celebrities.

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    I can’t wait to participate in on of your classes.

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    Well said! You put it perfectly into words.

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    What a wonderful tribute.

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    What a wonderful metaphor!
    Happy Easter Sarah. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

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    I LOVE camp! I NEED camp!
    I LOVE my widowed peeps. Each experience is unique.

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    Love, love, love this!! I have been so afraid to touch or move any of Jared’s things because they were his and I don’t want to lose that. Thank you.

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    Well said. We try so hard to embrace our grief, why shouldn’t we embrace our joy?

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    Makes sense to me.

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    I too have made changes to my home. I started with the floors and paint color and have added a fire pit outside. I think subconsciously I was trying to make the house “mine”. Thanks for helping me realize that.

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  • commented on Just when the Caterpillar Thought the World was Over 2016-01-14 15:01:41 -0800
    Jared’s lung transplant was his new birthday too. Everyday he received was a gift. We had 14 years of gifts. And even though he didn’t survive rejection and infection, I am so grateful for each day we were given. His transplant days and our lives after are happy memories. I am forever grateful to his organ donors. So glad Megan got to take a deep breath and “be normal”…what happy memories for you.

  • commented on Entering the Cave of Fears 2016-01-11 17:12:12 -0800
    I wish I had the courage to walk into the cave. I can’t wait to read more about your journey.

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    Wow…what a difference a year makes. It took a lot of courage to put yourself out there and open to dating again after your less than pleasant experience. Your new love story while honoring Drew gives me hope.
    Happy New Year.